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Quepos Home Rental, Sunset over Puerto Quepos
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Frequently Asked Questions

Since most people have lots of questions that are asked frequently, we've broken down our questions into the categories below. If you don't see an answer, feel free to send us your specific questions using the Inquiry Form.

    Casa Bumerango has how many bathrooms?

    Casa Bumerango has one bathroom, which has a shower, sink and toilet. The bathroom is for exclusive use of Casa Bumerango guests. There is also an outdoor shower, ideal for rinsing off when returning from the beach, from fishing, rafting or any other outdoor activity.

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    How far is the home from the beach?

    The beaches of Manuel Antonio are 7 Km away. Buses run every half hour from the center of town, and you can walk to the corner of the soccer field to catch the bus (less than 5 minutes walk).

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    How big are the beds in the homes?

    The beds are "matrimonial" beds, a size commonly found in Costa Rica. A matrimonial bed is slightly smaller than a Queen size bed.

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    Where is the nearest supermarket to the homes?

    Pali Supermarket is about a 5 minute walk, and is a large bulk-style supermarket. In downtown Quepos, Super Mas, across from the bus station in town has a nice selection of imported goods. For last minute groceries and snacks, the Abastacedor el Pacifico is at the end of the street, and is open from 6 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday.

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    Are sheets and towels included with the homes?

    Sheets and bath towels are included. Bring your own beach towels!

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    What is the best way to get to Quepos?

    Quepos has a local airport, and flights run several times per day from San Jose, and cost about $50 per person each way. Buses are about $10 per person, and leave from Downtown San Jose several times per day. Driving takes about 3 1/2 to 4 hours, non-stop. For more options, visit our companion site, and go to the transport page.

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    What is the climate like in Costa Rica?

    Temperatures vary across the country according to the altitude. In Quepos, December through March are the hottest, driest months, with temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's in the day, and upper 70's at night, and very infrequent rain. From April through November it is a little cooler, with warm days in the 80's and afternoon or evening

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